My Roots

Look at those young dreamers in that pic. More on them in a few.

Long Story Short

The industry needs a new standard. I am here to help in that and believe that I have a lot of ingredients to do so. Consider this resource a blend of mindset shifting, proven program advice, coaching implementation, with a hint of progressive thought and a twist of the most current buzz in the fitness industry.

Long Story Long

In his popular video, Simon Sinek famously tells us that the greats always “Start With Why.”


That said, it only makes sense to follow suit. So, why fitness? I believe that fitness can save lives, improve relationships, empower people, and likely the world would be a better place if the fitness industry did a better job of actually helping people as opposed to just liking how it sounds to say the classic “I like to help people.” The only tricky part is that for years we have had it all backasswards…

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 5.35.36 PM.png

Well if Urban Dictionary says it’s a real word.

Anyway, back to the reason why you’re reading this.


…the industry has been broken. We, the fitness professional aren’t helping people, we are more enthusiastic about ourselves than the people in front of us, and frankly, I am shocked that we have not been called out on a grand scale yet. I’m an optimist and along with my Thrive Crew (more on them later) see nothing short of monumental opportunity in the midst of all of that.

In a nutshell – WHY? To actually help people and change the world of fitness. I believe that I have a very special skill set and position in the industry to play a role in that. People deserve to reap the fantastic benefits that proper fitness can give them, but first, we have to raise our standard. No more BS. Let’s take this f*$%! thing to the level of a Ph.D.


But, where did it all start?

After a short stint in the baseball world. I was a classic worker-outer because through sports I always felt at home in the gym and blah blah blah… the same story as most of us in this industry. I became a trainer, a terrible one at that, you know the one who knows everything about everything and in all reality knows nothing. I decided to go to school for Kinesiology and fumbled around on the strength coaching side for a while. There is a little-known fact amongst my family and colleagues that I had a job offer with the Seattle Mariners to come on board as an assistant strength coach.  The holy grail. There is was staring me in the face. The job that I thought was my calling. aka my EGO’s calling.

I turned it down, and this is where the story gets quite interesting. 

During college, I was working at a gym, and long story short, I met someone who would forever change my professional trajectory. I am lucky to call this person my friend, colleague, and mentor. His name is Bruce Mack and his vision with Thrive is what I ultimately chose as my career path. This was the gritty, un-prestigious, start-up-y option. The one that most people would not choose.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You have to know what you’re truly good at, not the romantic version of what you think people want you to be good at and go all in on that.” 

I always knew that I didn’t have the insane technician qualities that Mike Boyle, Kevin Carr, Marco Sanchez, Gray Cook, or Mark Verstegen have, but thought that was the badass position that I needed to be in. I was wrong, very wrong. At the perfect time, I realized that my true strengths reside in CURATION aka bringing the best of the best content to the right people at the right time. Lightbulb. I chose to sign with Bruce and Thrive during the very early stages and would not change a thing.

The late Steve Jobs said


Looking back it is easy to see the dots. We, the Thrive Network, completed 1,000,000 sessions across the world in 2016 and have our sights on 2 milli in 2017. Catchy, right?

I have also been able to help professional athletes on a scale that I consider very cool and did not see coming; their business. Cool. I have also been able to form invaluable relationships with some of the best strength coaches and influencers the industry has to offer. Double cool.

Along with the wildly talented crew at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, we the Thrive Team, are pushing hard toward changing the world of fitness every day. I play my role in Coach Development, Leadership Development, Program Quality Control, and the business metrics behind all of that. We round out quite well and are on a mission and consider ourselves to be in a class of one. What’s more is that since day one, 6 years ago, with Thrive in comparison to today IT IS HAPPENING. The needle is moving in the right direction. Good Coaches (p.s. Coaches and Trainers are similar but quite different – a lot more of that to come on later posts) are becoming more popular as opposed to the rarity.

That is me and likely the only post that I will talk about myself. There are WAY more interesting things to discuss anyway. Things that I cannot wait to get posted. You in?!

If you get a chance check these tidbits out for more on the bigger picture.

#ThriveFit <– consider that the stamp of the long overdue change to the industry and PLEASE feel free to tag that on anything that you gain from this resource.

Thank you for reading and Kaizen on, Beast