My Roots

What I wish I could tell all of the young trainers coming into this industry, and what I hope you gather from the below message, is that a GROWTH mindset wins every time.

“SD, pause, what in the H-E-double hockey sticks is a ‘growth mindset?'”


Thanks for asking, You.




A FIXED mindset = “I’m just not good at that, or I don’t learn that way, or I’m just not smart enough…” -vs.- a GROWTH mindset = “I will learn that or I can figure that out.”

Easier said than done.


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Dive in, we shall?




In his popular video, Simon Sinek famously tells us that the greats always “Start With Why.”


That said, it only makes sense to follow suit. So, why fitness? Well, that answer has evolved for me more times than the meaning of the eggplant emoji 🍆, but here’s the gist of it.

To start, I believed that a good workout can be the vehicle to living a better life. A better husband, mom, professional, human, athlete, etc, but way too many programs and fit pros out there seemed to be executing programs with their people in a way that were doing more harm than good. So, with the MBSC Thrive movement, I could play an influential role in helping to curve that into a much better place.

The evolution of my WHY has recently been a lot more focused on the unique position in the industry to help coaches and coaches of coaches develop into professionals that they have always strived to be, but lose sight of in the midst of this very tricky industry. The type of professional that deserves a place amongst some of the more common reputable careers in our society.


So, where did it all start?

Don’t worry, I’ll save you the ‘my life story…blah…blahhh…’ and put it into some quick n’ dirty bullet points:

  • College baseball athlete
  • Injury
  • Fell in love with the athletic training
  • Studied athletic training
  • A lot
  • Worked at a gym during school
  • Met a guy named Bruce Mack
  • Ran one of the first MBSC Thrive training departments
  • Did pretty well
  • Graduated
  • Got a professional athletic training position offer
  • Got an offer from Bruce to join the MBSC Thrive team at the ground floor
  • Chose the Thrive path
  • Everyone was all like “WTF”
  • I believed in the mission that Bruce Mack and Mike Boyle had and knew I had strengths that could help
  • Told the “WTFers” to “F-off”
  • Dreamt. Believed. Executed. Learned. Achieved. Still learning. Been there, done that, still doing it.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You have to know what you’re truly good at, not the romantic version of what you think people want you to be good at and go all in on that.” 

I always knew that I didn’t have the BADASS technician qualities that Mike Boyle, Kevin Carr, Marco Sanchez, Gray Cook, or Mark Verstegen have, but thought that was the position that I needed to be in because it was what sounded good. I was wrong, very wrong. At the perfect time, I realized that my true strengths reside in CURATION aka bringing the best of the best content to the right people at the right time. Lightbulb.

The late Steve Jobs said


Looking back it is easy to see the dots.

So, who am I now? What does represent?

I am here to help every single trainer and coach out there who knows that this is the right industry for them go ALL IN on their strengths as a coach. To be themselves. To understand what it takes to crush it in this industry on every single layer that will lead to success.

I am unique just like you. I go against the grain of the norm of the professional in this industry. I might do a better job at knowing the intricacies how to program for the adult market than I do at maxing out on squats or deadlifts. I might know more about release dates for Nike’s than I do about the NFL draft. I might get more excited about a leadership book than a movement/science/kines book.

But, in all reality, I believe that my value to you comes from…

I knew that I’d be living this very unique fitness pro lifestyle, I knew that we would partner with awesome facilities like City Fitness in Philadelphia and set industry records, I knew that I would rub shoulders with the best minds in the industry, I knew all of these things before anyone else. I know what it means to go all in on an unconventional dream. I know what it takes to grind your ass off for little pay, draining a savings account, knowing that it will pay off someday. I know what it feels like to have a dream that nobody understands. I know that it is NOT ABOUT ME and when you are coaching it is NOT ABOUT YOU.

In short, I know what it takes to pull the puzzle pieces together in a way that is actually applicable to you becoming a better coach. Those puzzle pieces:

  • Programming for your market
  • The business of training
  • The mindset of the 2018+ coach
  • What doesn’t work

But, out of all of those great things that I know – I know that there are 137,393 (+/- 35) things that I don’t know but will learn or that I will say “Yep, I was wrong on that” multiple times in the future of my career.

I challenge you to have the same mindset.

Thank you for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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#ThriveFit <– consider that the stamp of the long overdue change to the industry