5.75 Ways to Spot A Fitness Professional

There is a different feeling that you have when you are witnessing a true professional in their craft. It is, at the risk of being obvious, the exact opposite from being surrounded by a gang of amateurs.

While listening to an Aubrey Marcus podcast he recommended a book called Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I whipped out my iPhone, tapped on my “#Kaizen” folder, clicked on that little iBooks icon, purchased Turning Pro, and was listening to it minutes later. 2018 is cool.

Anyway, it’s a good book, influenced this article, and one that you should read. Now. Go. Now. Goooooooo….

Remember that last concert you went to? Remember how it felt to watch your favorite artist? I assume that the performance was polished, it was memorable, and it was clear that they were a professional. Shouldn’t we all strive to bring that level of awe into what we love to do? Shouldn’t our clients feel like they are in the presence of someone who has dedicated time and energy to their craft?

My vote: a hard “yes.”

p.s. the last concert I went to was Tool. Yea, I know…




Let’s discuss a few ways to spot the fitness professional who is going to make it in this industry.


1. When the client talks, they actually listen. It is about them, not you and if you’re going to be able to actually make them feel that way, then you will have to remember things that they said.

2. Their program fits the client, not what they like to do for their workouts. Sometimes there are parallels, but the majority of the time what clients who work out 3 times per week and just started need is a lot different than your 7 days per week program that you have been tweaking for 8-years.

3. You will train clients who are in pain. You need to know what to do with that. The professional understands that they cannot fake it and expect their awesome biceps to be the foundation of their reputation if they want to have a for-real career. Their career is based on getting it right or being smart enough to know when they are outside of their scope. They don’t guess, they don’t make $hit up, they don’t use big words to drown out the fact that they have no idea what they are talking about, and they STUDY or RE-CERT or HAVE A GENERAL “I WANT TO LEARN STUFF” mindset.

4. They prepare for sessions. Bobby Knight said, “Everyone wants to win, but not everyone is willing to prepare to win.” He’s right. At the end of a session, you should feel as though it was the best hour of a client’s day. The professional will reverse engineer the session around that feeling and prepare ahead of time to make sure it goes smoothly as opposed to erring on “I’m awesome and in shape and people love me and I’m awesome so, of course, they will love their time with me…because I’m awesome.”

5. They live it. They don’t run to pick up a pizza after giving a client nutrition advice. They don’t skip a workout after calling a client and making sure they come in for theirs. They don’t stay up late binge-watching the new episode of “whateverthefuc$ Season 3” after preaching the importance of sleep. They. Live. It. Because they know that the authenticity oozes into their reputation over time.

           5.75. They also live life and teach clients how to responsibly have a slice of pizza or miss a week of workouts or stay up late. But, for that to work, they have to live it.


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