Things Only Fitness People Understand: Explained

My articles are typically funny and informative. Today’s will just be funny.

…and, just to be safe here’s something that if you don’t think is hilarious, then I don’t want you reading my articles anyway…go away, you. 




I have come across a ton of fitness people throughout my walks in this industry. Besides being really awesome people who are truly doing what we love, we are really weird in more ways than we’d like to admit. I can’t help but call us “f’n fitness people” when we do f’n fitness people things. I’ll do my best to explain our unique habits/actions/sayings in ways that your non-fitness friends can understand.



1 – “Yea, no, these are the sneakers I train in, these are the ones I train in, and these are my nice ones.”

Explained: Any for real fitness person will have 3-pairs of essentially the same shoe. One of which, we use for our own workouts, the other we use to train clients, and the last one is the one we wear with a pair of jeans to go to Whole Foods and hit that hot bar like it’s hot…because it is.

2 – We listen to fitness podcasts while we workout. 

Explained: It’s kind of like watching Cake Boss while eating cake except for it’s like the exact opposite. 

On the podcast note, here are a few excellent ones that I’d highly recommend: The FitCast, Mind Pump Media, and The Strength Coach Podcast

3 – We actually have one to three muscles groups that are our favorite to get extraordinarily sore. 

Explained: You know how after a workout you hate being sore, yea…so, we look forward to that in general and even have favorite parts of our body that when they’re sore we are all like “I did it, I win.”

4 – Impromptu stretch sesh

Explained: You know how when you leave your computer idle for 2-minutes and the screen saver turns on? Yea that’s what we do when we get bored or are left alone for too long. So, when you see your trainer-friend start stretching while you two are standing in line at Chipotle, don’t be alarmed. It’s the trainer screen saver. 

5 – In the bag: mini foam roller thing-thing, creatine residue, sweat-creased workout program, local smoothie punchcard, headphones that smell worse than dem socks, and a pair of shorts that you don’t know if they are clean or are on their last acceptable wear. 

Explained: It’s not a sex toy, it’s not cocaine, yep it is exactly like that one piece of paper at the bottom of your backpack that you were too lazy to throw away when you were 12, you know you like getting dat free smoothie when you happen to be with us at the end of that punchcard, don’t ask to use our headphones or our shorts. 


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