I will spare you my typical hilarious (self-proclaimed, of course) pre article chatter and dive into the goods. 

The Goods


In conversations with one of the Thrive managers of City Fitness Philly today it became apparent that this article was long overdue.

“Cool. But….like…what’s a ‘Kaizen…’

Right. The title of this article. Kaizen just means ‘change good’ and in short is likely a really damn good outlook on being a forever relevant professional.

Every (well almost) morning I start off with a 45-min little ritual that I have decides sounds WAY less o.c.d. when I call it a Kaizen Sesh.

The System

  • Rock walking

  • Foam rolling

    • Just do it. 
      • Totes hoping Nike doesn’t sue me.
        • Please don’t. For real.
  • Read / Listen

    • Audiobooks and Podcasts work really well if you are short on time and need to multi-task
    • Some of my favorite reads/listens below
  • Journal

    • Plan the day
    • Record anything from yesterday that still needs to be completed today
    • Reprioritize
    • Important birthdays, dates/things about people you care about that you need to remember



I have found that having this start to the day has been monumental in keeping up with a fast-paced professional life and I hope that it helps you.


I hated reading for a very long time. I was always a slow reader and never saw the point. It wasn’t until I was forced to read a few books as a young professional that I saw the value of self-study. That value is that you can have a very different level of conversation with people who matter when it matters. It wasn’t about having a problem and seeking a solution as much as it was about having information that you didn’t even know you needed until all of the sudden…boom…you pull out that knowledge and it makes a massive difference.

That was the initial motivator but so many other motivators have arisen since then.

Such as:

  • it just feels damn good to invest in yourself
  • leaders are readers
  • understanding that most of the greats share self-study as a main staple in their development.


Quick tip: Buy the audiobook and listen to it without putting so much pressure on yourself about having to retain everything or take notes or blah blah blah. Listen once and decide if that book is worth your investment of taking notes and diving deeper.

Real-life example:

A potential client who has minor back pain is doing their first workout with you. They are deciding if they trust that you are talented enough to get them into the shape that they have dreamt about. You haven’t been keeping up on your self-study and because of this, you are unable to educate them on your plan to get them in shape and help their back pain in a way that they understand and is motivating. Think that person will sign on with you?

There are probably 1045.3 (+/- 20.05) other examples, but you get the gist of it.

Some stuff to get you started…

Read / Listen

  • Coaching
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People; Dale Carnegie
    • Conscious Coaching; Brett Bartholomew
  • Tech
    • New Functional Training for Sports 2nd Edition; Mike Boyle

    • Core Performance; Mark Verstegen
  • Podcasts
    • The Fit Cast; Kevin Larabee
    • The Strength Coach Podcast; Anthony Renna
  • Blogs
    • Tony Gentilecore blog
    • Dan John blog
    • Mike Boyle Blog
    • Movement as Medicine Blog


A gazillion more, but I hope that gets you rolling :-0

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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