Pedestal Footwear Review

For someone who has a slight shoe bias ok, ok, a “sneaker problem,” to take off his shoes for every workout it must have taken a really damn cool product. Enter: Pedestal Footwear.

Featured Photo Credit: MadisonLaprePhotography

If you are one of those “Just give me the website and the discount” fellas or gals, then here you go…


IG: @PedestalFootwear


^^^ you’re welcome, ya savages *heart emoji*
Oh, p.s., yea that slight sneaker bias is confirmed

…if you want to hear my story with them (yes, of course, it has pictures, 15 funny thoughts (+/- 14), and some actual review stuff-n-things) then here YOU go.


‘Twas a mild Spring day at MBSC, our eyes met from across the sweat-induced turf where they had just wrapped up some heavy KB Carries, and we knew that it was love at…

Nah. Kevin Carr (@kev_in_carr) was like “Dude. You should meet the Pedestal guys. They’re over there and I think you’d like them.” So, I walked over and met Brendan and Mike. They were wearing these cool looking socker-ma-jiggers and I could tell after a few minutes that they were not only onto something special with Pedestal Footwear but they were also great guys. Commence bromance.

Being a fan of the idea or barefoot training I was curious but had a few reservations. Before I get into those reservations it is important to note that I would not be writing this if I did not believe in the product. If you follow my posts you know that I am anti-BS and have not been sponsored to write this review. 




Anyway, about those reservations.

“These are cool, but what about Sled Drives?” No problem-o. Thanks, Zach Landry, for the vid.

“Ok, but what about if you drop a weight on your feet like a Newb?” I mean are those Flyknit Trainers really protecting your toes, Champ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  and I might even argue that you’d be more aware/cautious than if you were in shoes.

“But, what about the smell? I’m not into doing laundry before ever workout.” Brendan and Mike are smart and put this silver thread technology stuff so that you can get a few workouts in before having to wash them. I’ve had no problem getting 3 workouts in before considering a wash.

“What about the durability, I mean, it’s a sock?” I’ve put about 15 workouts in and after a few washes these are still in great shape. After talking with Brendan and Mike about their “$hit’s durable” technology I feel pretty good that they will stand the test of time.

“What if I want to lift heavy?” I’m not going to say that you should go to your next powerlifting comp. in these, but Eric Cressey had no problem pulling 500lb. last week.

Some tech talk…


I think that there is a lot to be said about the benefits of these from a sports performance perspective and I know that some of those studies are in the works via Pedestal Footwear so I’m going to keep quiet on that for now, but I can’t help but see these as important tools to feel the workout better. Feeling movements better goes a long way for the form and overall mastery of the movement.

The next, and best, benefit in my opinion gets into the Philip Beach and Mike Boyle Rock Walking stuff. Movement As Medicine did a great write up here to add some context. To me, it makes a lot of sense if you think about it from a few points.

1)  Can we all agree that nerves in our feet are connected to our lower backs?

2) A lot of the time lower back pain is not only due to a hardware (joints and muscles) but is sometimes due to software (nerves) not syncing up correctly. If we are constantly in mini deprivation tanks (shoes), then the nerves in our lower back are at risk.

3) Think about if you wore gloves all of the time. Would the nerves in your upper back begin to recognize stimulus differently? Could a wire get crossed and result in pain at some point? I think so. But wearing gloves all of the time is crazy. But, we wear shoes often…?

4) It just starts to make a lot of sense if you consider the above to train without shoes as it is a perfect time of the day to really allow our feet to respond to a lot of different stimuli.

Bottom line: What are these best for?

Your day-to-day workouts. Get a great feel and save your back.

“But, won’t people look at me weirdly?” I’ll leave you with this…

Remember the early adopters of iPhones? When they walked by someone who had an iPod in one pocket and a flip phone in the other that person probably looked at them weirdly, too.








Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

Shoutout to the Pedestal guys for being simply awesome

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