The 2017 Coach | Ch. 9

The article that explains one of the most popular oversights in the industry


I fully understand, agree with, and support working hard in a workout and that intensity is a good thing. 

Before scrolling down (for real, don’t do you sneaky f…) take a few guesses and what this picture is

kettle-ball-1280 copy

Did you get it?

If you guessed “Darth Vader’s neat helmet?” You’d be-eeeeeee wrong.

(other dramatic pause symbols)





It’s a kettlebell. Or as our newbish fitness friends call it, a kettleBALL.

Ok, so, why does that matter and what the hell point are you trying to make?

The point is that most trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts are way too zoomed in on “today’s” workout as opposed to the entire, multi-phased program.

Here’s an example that happens every day in “BLANK” fitness center across the globe:

Client walks in for their, let’s say, fourth workout with their trainer. Said client is 80 lbs. overweight. Trainer sees the client from across the gym and says to himself “Ok, you’re losing all of that weight T-O-D-A-Y. Sprints for an hour. Letttttt’s GO!”

The above is through good intention but does not make any sense if you think about it.

How many good things can come of that situation? A few. How many bad ones? A lot more.

We need to look at our program from a distance and think about what the intensity looks like across a series of months.

The below is just an example of how we need to zoom out and look at the program, but we also have to actually live by this as soon as the workout begins and get rid of the “Totally getting into perfect shape T-O-D-A-Y” mentality. This is my opinion and is also shared by some much smarter people in the industry: KEVIN CARR AND MATTHEW IBRAHIM to name a few.

Month 1 // Intensity: 6

Month 2 // Intensity: 8

 Month 3 // Intensity: 10

Month 4 // Intensity: 5

Month 5 // Intensity: 7

Month 6 // Intensity: 9


Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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