Influencer Interview | Ch. 6

Today’s guest is the man himself: Mike Boyle

*** This is normally where I list the credentials of the Influencer for this interview, but, with all due respect to the previous and future Influencers….it’s Mike.***

I think that every single fitness professional or gym-goer has been influenced at some point by Mike. For me, he has been a really important piece to the puzzle for many years and it is so damn cool to be able to work with him. Dream big.


We recently did an exclusive Q/A session with him for the MBSC Thrive network. This is one of the many perks of being involved in this exceptional network. The below series of Q’s is a snippet from that session.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this and I know that you will all get some solid takeaways.

Let’s get to it, Nerds


What would you tell a new coach or trainer coming into the industry?

“Become a CNP (Certified Nice Person). Become the most positive and enthusiastic person that you know because that is the stuff that sells. Knowledge is secondary to your enthusiasm for people. Second, don’t be a dick. Don’t be the guy (in the picture below) who’s got his Tupperware full of chicken and rice and a t-shirt on that is seventeen sizes too small and thinking that you’re a fitness professional because most of the time you’re really just a dick. You’re someone who nobody wants to be around, and if you’re that person then you’ll probably be very frustrated in the industry. You’ll have those moments of wandering around and thinking “Oh, I know way more than so and so, and I am bigger, stronger, and better than…why don’t I have more clients?” It is that lack of CNP thing that is holding you back. We get very consistent compliments on out staff. Our staff is in great shape, but the compliments that we get are more about how much people love being around them and that they clearly care about them. It is personality driven, not knowledge driven. That is the really good thing about the MBSC Thrive network in that we are giving really good people the best knowledge. We are blending the experience with the science, and that is where the future is.” -Mike Boyle

Tiny shirt guy

Muscle confusion: scientific reality or marketing genius?

“Complete marketing genius.” -Mike Boyle

Why do you coach the adult market on exercises for multiple weeks?

“Because our job is to have them get a little better AND go to work still or keep up with their family every day. We could do a lot of this dumb/random $h&! and you could get hurt and you could try to figure out how to use your sick days. I am beside myself when I see the Crossfit people walking around with their arm in a sling after a shoulder surgery and I think “That must suck for your work and family life…” So, it is trying to get people to understand that there has to be some middle-ground between having a great workout not getting hurt.”  -Mike Boyle

What are your thoughts on doing stability corrective drills when the body is tired?

“I remember reading an article (Stu McGill talks about this) a while back on this one where, yea, there is some validity there in that you can’t use your breathing muscles as stabilizers when you’re cardiovascularly challenged. If your facility is set up for that, I don’t see any harm in it.” -Mike Boyle

What would you do for someone with wrist pain in a Bear Crawl?

“Don’t Bear Crawl. What can I sub in? I would flip that person over and see if they have the ability to Dead Bug (see below)…

…always think: What is my in-category replacement that gets me to pain-free? Next, get them excited about “I’m thinking of YOU” as opposed to just making them push through the pain.” -Mike Boyle

Mike, thank you for stopping by, you help a lot more people than you know.

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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