Influencer Interview | Ch. 5

Perspective from a high volume, well respected, certified badass, female coach? Check, check, check, and CHECK.

Top coaches and trainers, I am proud to introduce Kristina Jennings to the Influencer Interview series.

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Kristina as well as work alongside her and can say firsthand that the level of authentic expertise that vibes off of her is second to none. That and an obvious give a $h%! about people makes her an excellent resource for us all to learn from.

Exhibit A below, Nerds.

It won’t take you long to see that her exercise demos are on-point when you check out her IG: strengthxsweat but also that it is a good resource for your daily “Ohhhh, cool.”

The nuts and bolts of Kristina’s awesomeness:

  • MBSC Thrive Educator
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach
    • Growth and development team
    • Huge believer in its mission
    • “…by having the practical component which sets us apart from most certs out there. I want to continue to raise the bar and help improve the quality of coaching in the fitness industry.”
  • FMS
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition certd.
  • B.S. Kinesiology
  • Veteran Coach @ MBSC
  • Collegiate athlete
    • Soccer
    • Gymnastics

Think she has a lot of energy? So did I…and then I read in her email back to me for this exact series: “I can’t sit still for very long…I have a lot of energy….!”

Makes sense.


Allllllllllright, let’s get our “teach us” hats on and out thank-you cards ready. Kristina is about to give us the goods.

The Goods

What advice would you give a new coach or trainer coming into the business?

“You shouldn’t know all of the answers at first! Find people in the industry that you respect, can relate to, and that you want to learn from. As Mike Boyle says, “get brilliant at the basics”. Another simple thing to remember, and something that I always go back to is, “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.” – Kristina Jennings


What tips do you have on managing groups of clients and also connecting with them?

“We as coaches may have different needs and goals than our clients, but being able to relate to what we’re asking of them I think is the key to success! Make sure you’ve experienced similar workouts so you know what they’re going through. From there you can put your own personal touch on things whether it’s knowing when to give them words of encouragement, regressing/progressing, or being able to read their current state to know when to make the proper adjustments. Being personable, finding something you both have in common, and making it fun for them goes a long way! The goal should be that you’re making a positive impact on your groups and clients both mentally and physically. Make sure they’re feeling better in some way than when they first walked through the door!” – Kristina Jennings

What would you tell the woman who is afraid of weights and lives on the elliptical if she asked you?

“I would tell her that lifting weights is going to help her feel better in her everyday life! Strength training is what’s going to help keep you young, moving better, looking better, and feeling better! Give it a try, there are no negatives…! It’s something you can enjoy with family and friends no matter what your gender is. Strong=sexy.” – Kristina Jennings

A client wants to do something harder and you have a choice: give it to them because they asked knowing it might not be best or keep them locked-in on mastering something. What do you choose? Assuming that you choose the later, what do you tell them to keep them excited?

“I always try to focus on quality over quantity. Master the skill/exercise body weight before you add any weight. Don’t move up in weight until it looks great. Ask yourself, “does the risk outweigh the reward?” Keep it simple.” – Kristina Jennings


What do you do to keep up on your craft?

“I love trying new types of workouts with my friends outside of my work space. I think trying new things and being coached and trained by others can help you master what you want your message to be in your setting.” – Kristina Jennings

And that is how you do that. Blown away.

Kristina, you are a savage and we are all lucky to have you in the industry. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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