The 2017 Coach | Ch. 6

And finally, we get into some tech skills of The 2017 Coach.

Yo, Sean, it’s about time.” I know. Thank you to those of you who have been reading this series and have reached out. I am so glad that you find value in these and hearing from you really does make my day.

We’re about to nerd out harder than a CosPlay Batman meeting the for real Batman.

On that note, can we all agree that The Dark Knight was not only the best of the series but also the best movie of all the movies? Agreed. Good.


For this installment, we are going to focus on something that drastically sets The 2017 Coach apart from the rest of the trainers out there. That “something” is…MOBILITY.

The importance of mobility is nothing new and I even made an attempt a few years back to dub “Workout Vegetables” a term in an ARTICLE WITH MEN’S HEALTH.

After spending time with some of the titans in the fitness industry I have come to the conclusion that they all have the importance of mobility at the forefront of their philosophy. Now, knowing this and actually being able to execute are 2 very different things and I will get into some detail on that in a moment. But, first, there is a reason as to why this is Chapter 6 of The 2017 Coach and not Chapter 1. That reason is that none of this matters if you aren’t any good at getting people to DO IT. Refer to this article for some tips on that.

Makes sense, eh? Dammmmmmit. I’m not Canadian but grew up north of Seattle so yea….my NW peeps get it and my Thrive crew will laugh at that one.

Anyway, mobility is all the buzz out there right now, but a very small amount of trainers actually own that in their philosophy (but, they love to call themselves experts on it all over social media anyway) and an even smaller amount are effective at executing it with their clients.

Smells like a whole lotta opportunity for The 2017 Coach. Let’s dig in.

Why does mobility matter?

Someone incredibly smart’s opinion / Mike Boyle – Gray Cook

My $.02:

Joints that move well will produce stronger people because A) Maximum range of motion will result in more muscle recruitment B) Healthy joints will drastically reduce the risk of injury and injured humans aren’t very good at working on a consistently effective basis.

I know, my version is dumber and stuff.

What are the 3 most important joints to drive mobility?

Look, if you’re a hyper-nerd, fix your glasses, and say “Well, actually toe mobility is…” then you’re too smart to be reading, but thanks for stopping by.

Ankles, Hips, Shoulders / T-Spine Area <– those are the big’ns. When those are in optimal mobility, then people will look and feel better. EVERYONE needs to practice mobility in these 3 areas even if they have sufficient mobility. For some, it will be rehab and for others, it will be maintenance. Ya dig?

There are 2 things that The 2017 Coach does better than anyone else when it comes to these.

  1. They are actually trying to do something as opposed to just quickly going through the motions. Active is better than passive.
  2. This is the huge one (it’s gonna be huuuuge)… They hold the position at the end of the range of motion for 2 very long aggressive breaths and try to find an extra millimeter or two. You will see this clearly in the T-Spine Mobility Drill below. There is something very special that happens that allows you to access further ranges of motion when the diaphragm is completely out of the way. Those millimeters will become someone’s new default pattern once we access it enough times. Boom Better mobility, Champ. Check out MICHAEL MULLIN for a much smarter person than yours truly if you want to understand that further.

So, how?

The goods

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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