Influencer Interview | Ch. 3

It is almost impossible to explain how amped I am to have this next Influencer on.

She is someone who has made me look good for years in publications so having the chance to flip that lens is just so dang neat. Because I did a $&it job at painting a picture with my words above on how cool this is (that is her job anyway…and she BEASTS out uber hard below with that beeteedubs) here is a millennial form of communication to get the point across.


Introducing: Kelsey Cannon; CSCS

How lucky are we?

Becuase she’s humble as hell I’ll do the honors:

  • Former word wizard @ Men’s Health
    • Trust me, if you’ve read anything from MH it was probably one of her pieces
  • Assoc. Brand Manager for @Reebok
  • Fitness Writer Extraordinaire
  •  Completer of Dan John’s KB Challenge

Here….we….gooooooooooo. Get your notebooks ready and your pens warmed up, Nerds.

What would you tell a new coach or trainer coming into the business?

“Stick with the basics. The fitness industry is volatile and trend based. Just because something is hot and new or getting a lot of attention doesn’t make it more effective. The basics are still around for a reason.”

What are some of the things that Crossfit has taught you that every fitness program should try and get better at?

“I think CrossFit—love it or hate it—has demonstrated to women everywhere that it’s ok to be strong, and that strength comes in many forms. Maybe one day it’s a PR on a lift you never would’ve done on your own or in a bootcamp class, and another day it’s just making it through the workout without quitting. Strong is beautiful and badass whether you’re extroverted, introverted, tall, short, thick, thin, old, or young. 

It’s also taught me a few lessons in humility. I still regularly get knocked down a peg or two after workouts that I thought looked easy.”

You’ve had a ton of unique experience and resources in the industry, what are the top 3 things you have learned in your journey? 

“1. The smartest person in the room is not always the loudest.

2. Overcomplicating things doesn’t make them better or more effective, it just makes them more complicated

3. You have one body and you have to take care of it. Getting lean is awesome, but not at the expense of your health. Six packs are great, but a six pack with two knee replacements and shoulder pain is not.”

Should coaches and trainers be trying to get content out there on the internet? If so, where should they start?

“It seems like everyone has to produce content in order to be seen these days, and I think that’s just a reality of the times we live in. No amount of content, however, is going to make up for knowledge, people skills, and a commitment to always staying on top of your game. 

But if you want to get the word out, start with social media. Make your social handles something people might use as a key word to search for content when they want to find information or feel inspired, like “fit”, “fitness”, or “trainer”. Start a website (a real one with a legit URL) to get your thoughts out there—but only if you have something to say, don’t add to the noise just to punch your card. Finally, reach out to publications that cover topics for which you are an expert and offer that expertise to writers—your name and credentials will start to circulate in the right places!”

Kelsey, thank you for stopping by. You are a true savage and the above info is pure gold. 

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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