The 2017 Coach | Ch. 5

If the fitness industry gets known for beating the hell out of people, then we are heading down a very scary path. 

I don’t know about you, but I see a F&#!-ton of opportunity in that. Is that the path that we have been headed down for the past few years? Yes. Does that mean that there is a large opportunity to easily contrast? Yes.

5-years ago free 2-day shipping was impossible and then Amazon (ever heard of them?) was all like “Naw, we’re going to internet the heck out of that. Boom. Prime.” Do you know that Amazon team members aren’t allowed to ask “Why?” and are only allowed to ask “Why not?” Coincidence….nope.

DIGRESSION ALERT have you ever gotten an amazon delivery and been like “I wonder what this is because I have ordering issues?” Yea. We are of the same cut and I accept you. Als0, Urban Dictionary doesn’t have any funny definitions for ‘Amazon Prime’ which is BS because I wanted to insert one here. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination and stuff.

Please, someone, stop this from actually happening I already have a problem


So, Amazon saw an opportunity and made a new standard. I see a similar opportunity in the fitness industry. See the blueprint below.

Here is what we have to get really good at to be able to set a new standard as I see it.

We need our clients to:


This could be to lose weight, get stronger, look good naked, grow their biceps, get the scholarship, etc.

As Brendon Rearick  recently described in my last interview that coaches need to invest some of their earnings into self-education within the industry and need to have an adaptable program. In short, be open-minded and have the talent to have a really really good program.


Coach Boyle nails this over and over again. In short, he constantly mentions in one way or another that people shouldn’t feel worse after a workout. They shouldn’t leave a health organization feeling worse. Crazy to think that actually happens out there isn’t it?

To do this we have to understand that we cannot hurt people in training as Mike mentions in FSC 6.0 and expands upon some awesome application on how to accomplish it. We have to weigh out the risk / reward for everything that we do. Does that person really need to do burpees (p.s. can we start a #StopBurpees movement?) to get in better shape knowing that they might leave in back pain? Is there a better way?

If you have a business where people get and feel better all of the time do you think that your business will be thriving? Pun intended.


People need to feel better about themselves when they leave. They need to feel as though that past hour was the best part of their day. You need to build their esteem and understand the difference between motivating and making someone feel 3 inches tall.

Authentically encourage them, challenge how far they can go, believe in them, listen to them, be enthusiastic about them, and make it a big deal when they make improvements.


We have 1 – 3 hours with someone each week, 5 if you are lucky. How good are you at influencing the other hours during their week? Do they believe what you belive? Do they get enough sleep? Do they think positively? Do they drink enough water and eat things that are green?

The biggest compliment that you can receive outside of a referral is someone who says something along the lines of: “Not only did you help me lose 50 lbs, but you’ve made me a better person. My husband is even making smoothies in the morning.”

To do this you not only have to actually believe in certain healthy cornerstones, but you have to do them and have them be a part of who you are. Are you in the right industry? Do you execute on your own advice?

Yes, the above skillsets are simple, but not easy. Don’t take them lightly, get excited about the opportunity, and Amazon the hell out of it.

Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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