The 2017 Coach | Ch. 4

In my opinion, one of the most challenging skills of The 2017 Coach is to be able to get people excited about the process. The words below will offer some quick strategy for making that happen. 

Here are some random examples of how most trainers (to reiterate, trainer=bad, coach=good)  fail miserably in a conversation where they have the opportunity to actually help their clients and give them a very important paradigm shift:

  • When the client says “We did this last week, can we do something different?” and the trainer says, “Sure, here grab this bosu ball and do some cool $hi! on it.”
  • Client says, “Hey, I saw this exercise online and the person doing it was ripped, can we do that?” and the trainers says “You bet, Champ, you’re not going to walk tomorrow.”

As stated above The 2017 Coach has to be able to get past those conversations. The 2017 Coach has to be able to get people excited about the process. What tends to happen is that we cover up the inability to have a difficult conversation with adding in crazy exercises to keep them “Enter-trained” (sounds like entertained. Keep up, Speedy) as the crew at MBSC comically states it. The inverse is where our skill resides, you with me?

Let’s dig in. 

Ok, real quick while it is on my mind. When your client says “How do I get rid of this?”


…and you answer is “The elliptical.”, then please, please keep reading and as a bonus check out these guys/gals: Mike Boyle, Tony Gentilcore, Movement as Medicine, or Nia Shanks. They will explain why women lifting weights is the best place to start “getting rid of this.”

Noooooooow, let’s dig in.

The critical skill is being able to get your client excited about the process and refrain from keeping the entertained via crazy bosu things.

Why is this important?

Our goal is to actually help people, and them mastering certain things takes time but will help them more than they know. So, we have to get them out of their own way.

Check. So, How?

In the first installment of Influencer Interview, Kevin Carr said, “Strength training is a skill that needs to be practiced just like anything else.” I couldn’t agree more. The benefits of your people getting really good at strength means that they get really strong. Duh. And, when people get strong (and don’t eat like they work for Willy Wonka. Doopedy-do) they look they way they want to look. Win. Aaaaaand, if YOU are the one who helps a lot of people do that, then YOU will have everything that you want. Double win.

The components of the process that they need to get excited about aka the MBSC Thrive program foundation:

  • Proper warm up
  • Power Development
  • Strength
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Squat
    • Hinge
    • Core
  • Burn

Guide to having people get excited about the process:

  • Set the tone on day 1. Let them know what you stand for. Don’t be afraid to be more proud of what you’re not than what you are.
  • Give them a lot of positive feedback when they are showing improvements
  • Get really, really good at creating the overall vision of where they are going AND (this is where most screw up) creating small actions toward getting there
  • and for this next one, if you get good at the above 3 points it shouldn’t come up as much
  • When faced with “I am bored, can we do something new?” Do not hesitate to add some depth to the exercise. For example, if you are working on Goblet Squats for the next 4 weeks and they raise the above question, then for this week have them focus on being able to drive through the heels. Give them positive reinforcement when they nail it, ask them if it feels different, and follow-up the next day to see if they feel it in the proper area. Next week, change the tempo. 3-down, 1-up or 3-down, 3-up. By the time they feel bored again you’re onto mastering a 2KB Racked Front Squat. Boom.
  • Lastly, be a cool person and someone who believes in them. A good program is nothing without excellent delivery. It’s a show, be a star. 



Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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