Influencer Interview | Ch. 1

There are so many exceptional minds in this industry. The Influencer Interview series is in place to help them spread their message.

It’s like Christmas morning for all of you fitness savages. Don’t shoot your eye out.

When I drummed up this idea behind the Influencer Interviews (a big thank you to Anthony Rena for all that he has done to inspire this with his awesomeness) there was one Coach that instantly came to mind. He is someone who I have seen grow into a true leader in the industry. Someone who leaves a positive impact on everybody that he connects with. Someone who I’ve had the pleasure of working on a project in Australia with for some stellar coaches in the MBSC Thrive network where we learned about drop bears (look it up), that USA summer = Australia winter (that water was cold, eh, Kev?), and the infamous American Hot Dog story <– be sure to ask him about that next time you see him. Nom.

He’s a personal colleague, friend, teacher, and coach. I hope that you will enjoy reading the below exchange between him and myself and I am certain that you will gather some golden takeaways

His name is Kevin Carr. He has a resume that speaks for itself, but here are few highlights:



The Goods

What are the main things that you would tell a new coach or trainer?

“Coach, coach, coach. You only get better by doing. The gym is your science laboratory, try things, evaluate the results and adjust. Eventually, you’ll look back and have a ton of practical data to reflect on to build your own training model.” -K. Carr

How are you able to get the adult clients excited about getting really good at the main exercises as opposed to “switching up” their workout every time?

“Strength training is a skill that needs to be practiced just like anything else. Helping them recognize that and appreciate the incremental improvements will help clients stay focused on the process and not get caught up in “entertrainment.” Give them frequent constructive feedback and praise on the process, this keeps them engaged in getting better at the simple things as opposed to them looking for the next thing.” -K. Carr

What would your best advice be if your goal was to never hurt a client in training?

“Always ask yourself ‘Why?’ Why am I including this in the program? What goal is this helping me achieve? Is this worth the risk? There needs to be a significant ROI on anything you put into your programs and if the risk potentially outweighs the reward I don’t think you can justify programming it. Does that mother of two who is a hairdresser need to do single leg hurdle hops? Does this 55-year-old executive really need to back squat? Probably not, and there is usually a better option. First and foremost our responsibility is to Do No Harm so we always need to remind ourselves of that.” -K. Carr

What is one routine or habit that you believe is a staple to your success?

“I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded by really good people and I’ve taken advantage of that. I find people who are smarter than me and read, listen and ask questions. Find people who are successful and are doing what you want to do dive into their work headfirst.” -K. Carr


Thank you for stopping by Kev, you f’n savage you.


Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast



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