Change – Good 

aka Kaizen

I’d like to tell a story about a young and close-minded person that I used to know. The one who would say “I already know that” but that story is nowhere near as interesting as the one about that same person who made a 180° and had it change his life.

Long Story Short

Be a forever student as it will be the nucleus of staying valuable to your market and living a much more fulfilled life

Long Story Semi Long

If you haven’t figured it out there, Smarty, it’s me. On the “My Roots” tab above you can read all about my story with Thrive and Bruce Mack, but I left a very specific part out. That part is the Kaizen part. 

I said, “Hey, that’s a cool tattoo, what’s it mean?” Bruce, replied with a humble “Oh, thanks, it means constant improvement.” Something so simple had a huge impact on my life as a professional, as a husband, and as a STUDENT. It was at that moment I knew that I had a lot to learn and that paradigm shift has been monumental. It is my hope that these words serve as something similar for you. I even went as far as fantasizing about earning the right to get it tattooed on myself someday when the time was right. Preferably even as a Thrive Team brother.

I believe that regardless of your industry when you stop learning is the same day that you become invaluable. Don’t believe me? Look at the CEO of taxi cabs. Do you think they were open-minded about customer service and technology or do you think they just sat back, counted their cash money and knew it all? I’m sure this guy has an opinion on that subject…


2 things: Thing 1) I know there isn’t a CEO of taxi cabs – Thing 2) Travis Kalanick, CEO of UBER, has to have the biggest balls in the world to take down the mob-dominated taxi industry in Vegas. #Savage

Anyway, Kaizen. Whether you’re in the fitness industry or not, a Kaizen mindset could change your life. Especially the fitness industry because it is an infant practice. Come on guys, wake up! This is not algebra in that it has not been studied by guys who look like this:


There is so much that we don’t know so we have to have a Kaizen mindset to push the needle.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by 8 coaches today at City Fitness | Thrive who embodied all of the above and they are also front and center in the featured image of this post.

It is a gift to learn and be surrounded by others who push you to get better every day.

Oh, and yea, I did get that ink. Symbolic as hell, right?


Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast

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