Is Your Coach Right For You?

There is more information available to us than ever before about how to be in shape and yet we, Americans, are fatter than ever. So, what happened?

We can speculate for as long as it takes for the Seattle Mariners to win a Series, but my intuition tells me that a lot of fitness professionals aren’t as good at getting their people in shape as they are about getting their own biceps to pop.

The Is Your Coach Right For You series will focus on things that should make you question (or hopefully celebrate) the “professional” that you’re giving those hard-earned benjamins to…or if you are that “professional” it is my hope that this validates your badassness or helps you raise the bar as I have any many of the best coaches I know have.

These guys are quite good at getting people in for real shape. Find one of their locations or coaches or follow them on Fb, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It will be well worth your time.

Now that that plug is over, let’s get to business. #Guilty

Is Your Coach Right For You

I’ll be writing to the client, so all of you coaches just vis versa this goodness or change the tenses…or whatever..the tenses in the below are all jacked up. My grammar only takes me to like 11th grade so, yea, do your thing, Nerd.


Does your coach know your unequivocal, absolute, and REAL reason as to why you’re working out? 

I mean let’s really think about that. If you have never told them exactly why you’re on your journey with health and fitness, HOW IN THE HELL are they supposed to actually help you let alone believe in you?

If the above is the case it is the fault of nobody but the coach, not the client. When we ask the client whatever form of “What are your fitness goals?” Does anyone else cringe at the blandness of that question? and “Why are you doing this?” We actually have to listen as opposed to what most trainers (trainers are the problem in the industry, coaches are the future) do in either:

a) thinking about them self

b) trying to mold whatever you say into what they want you to be

c) not digging enough after the first answer is given which is typically the one that is nowhere near the real answer


(Yes, Jackie Chan, this one is very simple.)

Coaches, just do the opposite of the above items, actually listen, check in on those WHY’s on a regular basis, care about people, and stop thinking that there is only one template of being in shape. aka you’re a fitness model so you think that the 40-year-old who says “I’m just looking to lose 10 lbs. and feel better” needs to be on stage in 12-weeks. 

And, please, invest in yourself. Perform Better events are clutch and are more than worth your time and money in the long run.

PB Educational Info

Create the change. Peace out trainers and hello COACHES.



Thanks for reading and Kaizen on, Beast


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