The 2017 Coach | Ch. 3

Today’s Focus: Understanding That You’re in the People Business Not the Training Business   In my daily Kaizen sesh (aka continued education) today I came across an article from one of the blogs that I follow like a sneakerhead on a fresh Nike drop that piqued my interest on a lot of levels. Tony Gentilcore is […]

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The 2017 Coach | Ch. 2

“The key is finding the right tool for the job. I have a saying I use in my seminars: ‘Chainsaws are bad for molding.’ Some guys just love the chainsaw, but it’s really only a good tool for cutting up trees. Use the right tool for the job.” –Mike Boyle Strong Athlete, Zero Injuries There’s the […]

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Change – Good  aka Kaizen I’d like to tell a story about a young and close-minded person that I used to know. The one who would say “I already know that” but that story is nowhere near as interesting as the one about that same person who made a 180° and had it change his life. […]

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Is Your Coach Right For You?

There is more information available to us than ever before about how to be in shape and yet we, Americans, are fatter than ever. So, what happened? We can speculate for as long as it takes for the Seattle Mariners to win a Series, but my intuition tells me that a lot of fitness professionals […]

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The 2017 Coach | Intro Ch. 1

The mission of The 2017 Coach series will be to hone in on the habits and actions that a coach needs to develop or refine to survive in the ever-changing industry. Can we set the tone for a moment? This series will directly attack the difference between a coach and a trainer. It might even […]

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