I will spare you my typical hilarious (self-proclaimed, of course) pre article chatter and dive into the goods.  The Goods   In conversations with one of the Thrive managers of City Fitness Philly today it became apparent that this article was long overdue. “Cool. But….like…what’s a ‘Kaizen…’ Right. The title of this article. Kaizen just […]


Guest Blog: Live It Holistic Nutrition

If you’re not at least giving your clients these nutrition/lifestyle tips, you might be missing the ball, Sport. Featured Image: MadisonLaprePhotography Today’s guest blog comes from Marc Capistrano; Founder and Chief Baller at Live It Holistic Nutrition I was introduced to Marc through reading his guest spot on TG’s blog (aka dope blog #1.) I […]

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The 2017 Coach | Ch. 11

This blog in short: How and why preparing for a session might be more important than deadlifting. Ooooook. Nothing is more important than deadlifting. Noted.  I’ve been to both of the Perform Better Summits this year and in between spreading the epic MBSC Thrive message, meeting a slew (use the word “slew” in a sentence? […]

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Pedestal Footwear Review

For someone who has a slight shoe bias ok, ok, a “sneaker problem,” to take off his shoes for every workout it must have taken a really damn cool product. Enter: Pedestal Footwear. Featured Photo Credit: MadisonLaprePhotography If you are one of those “Just give me the website and the discount” fellas or gals, then here […]

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